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SILVER FOX MEDIUM / silver pendant and silver chain

125 EUR

The silver pendants are miniatures of our iconic lamp shade designs. The small wireframe models get produced in Belgium by using a wax 3D printing and lost wax casting method. The molten silver is poured into the casting. Once the silver has cooled and solidified, the plaster mold is broken and the silver models are removed by hand. Finally, the pendant gets a gloss finish. The chain is made out of silver in Austria. The customers are invited to thread the chain through the wireframe model however they like – DIY.

Pendant: 25.9x29.8x27.5mm / 1.02x1.17x1.08inch / Sterling Silver (925) / Made in Belgium
Production method: wax 3D printing and lost wax casting method
Chain: 80cm / 31.5inch / Sterling Silver / Made in Austria / Standard Closure

MOSTLIKELY DESIGN was founded 2012 by Maik Perfahl and Wolfgang List of the interdisdiplinary design and architecture collective MOSTLIKELY. The goal of MOSTLIKELY DESIGN is to offer affordable products that are produced by ourselfs or within the EU.