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MOST LIKELY DESIGN / How to design, produce and distribute an affordable product ! / EBOOK

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The book MOST LIKELY DESIGN is, on the one hand, a do it yourself guide and should help to design and develop an affordable product. Further more how to produce and distribute a product by yourself and it should give a rough overview about todays marketing strategies for small scale companies. On the other hand, MOST LIKELY DESIGN tells the story of a small company that developed, out of luck, a product that gets produced on demand and has been sold worldwide over 15000 times.

Digital version of MOST LIKELY DESIGN in pdf format
216 pages
more then 100 colour illustrations
Language: English
ISBN: 978-3-9504125-0-5

Get a taste of the book here! Download link for the directory and parts of the first chapter in pdf format:


MOSTLIKELY DESIGN was founded 2012 by Maik Perfahl and Wolfgang List of the interdisdiplinary design and architecture collective MOSTLIKELY. The goal of MOSTLIKELY DESIGN is to offer affordable products that are produced by ourselfs or within the EU.