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CHANDIGARH STOOL / assembly kit

50 EUR

The design of the stool was influenced by the reknown Chandigarh furniture designs by Le Corbusier and Pierre Jeanneret. The assembly kit is manufactured by bockwerk, a Viennese institution offering refugees the possibility to work in their former profession. By buying this product you help to continue this fantastic project. The assembly kit comprises the cut, sanded, drilled and lacquered wood boards, the screws and an assembly manual. For assembling a screwdriver or electric screwdriver is needed. The difficulty level is easy and it takes around one hour.

Product Size: 40x40x45cm

Package Size: Parcel 50x20x15cm

Assembling Time: 1h

Assembling manual included

Screws: stainless steel

Wood: Austrian spruce

Design: mostlikely sudden workshop
Production: bockwerk

MOSTLIKELY DESIGN was founded 2012 by Maik Perfahl and Wolfgang List of the interdisdiplinary design and architecture collective MOSTLIKELY. The goal of MOSTLIKELY DESIGN is to offer affordable products that are produced by ourselfs or within the EU.